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Virtual Concierge Software for Apartments and Hotels
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Improve the hotel guest experience with the Web Concierge

Smartly manage your guests’ reception thanks to Hotel Division‘s Digital Concierge! Simplify check-in and check-out operations, optimise real-time communication with your guests and keep all the most crucial booking details under control.

Choose from endless email templates or communicate with your guests at every stage of their stay via Whatsapp Business. Contact guests directly from the reservation, from validation to check-out.


Octorate Vacation Rental

Use the power of the Web Concierge for your vacation rental

Octorate Vacation Rental‘s Web Concierge is the solution that allows property managers and agencies to optimise the deployment of all staff and ensure the best guest experience.

How? Before arriving at the property, guests can find all relevant details through a web-accessible platform.

The Web Concierge is the ideal tool to coordinate communication with guests staying simultaneously in your vacation rentals. Contact them by choosing endless email or Whatsapp templates directly from the Booking Engine!


  • Fast Check-in 
  • Automatic emails
  • Email in multiple languages
  • Fast Check-out
  • Information
  • 100% Cloud
  • Safe payments
  • How to reach us
  • Full management of the reservation
  • Real time communication
  • Direct and non-direct reservations
  • Responsive

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Safe payments


Communication Manager

Chat Octorate

The Octorate Virtual Concierge Software is a dedicated platform designed to organise the whole communication process with your guests at best.

Apart from the Email Templates you can create for any topic you need and schedule their automatic sending according to specific parameters, the Web Concierge also provides you with other communication tools to reach you guests and let them reach you!

The Virtual Concierge platform itself is integrated with its own messaging system. It is a chat box through which the customer can send their requests. You will get an email notification and the message will be saved in the details of the reservation and you can reply to your customer right from there!

All this exchange of messages will be recorded in both, the reservation detail and on the customer’s dedicated Virtual Concierge page.

Moreover, the direct link to Whatsapp Web right from the Octorate platform gives you the chance to send customised messages but also the texts belonging to the email templates right on your customers’ mobile phone.

Self Check-in

Thanks to the native integration with Vikey, Keesy, Nuki, Chekin and Ok Home and all the main smart lock systems, Octorate will send an electronic key to your guests before their arrival, to allow them easily access your facility and automate the check-in procedures

It will make you save time, erase waitings and offer a unique and safe experience to your guests.

You can link this function to the countless possibilities offered by the virtual concierge, like email templates with the automatic creation of the door-opening code.

Self Check-in Octorate

Not yet convinced about Octorate Virtual Concierge?

The Virtual Concierge will become your favourite co-worker as it takes care of all those fundamental but mechanical operations that you cannot avoid but that prevent you from taking care of details. Through the Virtual Concierge Software, the guest can leave their personal details and pictures of their documents in order to make check-in processes quicker. All the files and info will be saved automatically in the details of the reservation, so that you will have nothing to copy-paste or ask for them at the guests’ arrival.

What about any upselling activity?

You can create all the services that you offer in your property (e.g. SPA, city tours, special dinner, etc) and set them up as Extra services visible online that your guests will be able to add to their reservation in a few clicks.

Your customer can also enter their invoice data via the Web Concierge to facilitate check-out operations and they can also download both a pro-forma of the fiscal document and the invoice itself right from their dedicated page.

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