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Make the most of your property portfolio with Octorate Vacation Rental, the All-in-One solution for Property Managers

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Automate the management of your properties from a single platform

Octorate Vacation Rental is the perfect Vacation Rental and Apartment Management Software for Property Managers and Agencies who want to manage all activities related to their property portfolio with a single, flexible and efficient tool.

Octorate Vacation Rental
Expedia Group Connectivity Partner 2022 Octorate
Expedia Group Connectivity Partner 2022 Octorate
Expedia Group Connectivity Partner 2022 Octorate
Expedia Group Connectivity Partner 2022 Octorate
Expedia Group Connectivity Partner 2022 Octorate
Expedia Group Connectivity Partner 2022 Octorate
Expedia Group Connectivity Partner 2022 Octorate
Expedia Group Connectivity Partner 2022 Octorate


Manage invoices, receipts, list of charges and the overall accounting


Available from any device, no software to be installed.


An intuitive and easily accessible interface


Arrange rooms and reservations from a single interactive calendar


Tourist taxes, minimum stay, non-refundable rates, coupons, special offers


  • Enable online payments
  • Minimize time spent on management
  • Build customer loyalty

Experience and technology alongside property managers



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The PMS system is specifically designed for the needs of property managers and owners

Simplify administration and management tasks with Octorate Vacation Rental‘s Property Management System. Easily manage groups with individual or aggregated invoicing and collections. Collaborate with your staff through a cloud-based system, accessible anytime and from any device without installing software.


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Forget overbookings

Stop manually updating listings on OTAs and automatically manage all bookings through a single interface. Octorate Vacation Rental’s Channel Manager is integrated with over 130 partners, including OTAs, metasearch engines and other sales portals.

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Property Manager Octorate


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Create a portal where you can sell your properties

Are you a property manager managing multiple properties? Display all properties on your online sales portal through the Booking Engine OTA, the booking engine compatible with all websites. You can sell accommodations or vacation rentals by filtering them on the map and adding specific tags for the services offered. The integration with our payment gateway will make it easier to manage payments and deposits securely and without the risk of fraud.


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Reach millions of potential guests on Google Vacation Rental

Maximise your online visibility by connecting your properties to Google Vacation Rental and let the right guests find you! Did you know that more and more guests finalise their bookings from a mobile device? Get also found on Google Maps thanks to the geolocation of your property.

Google Vacation Rental Octorate
Guest Communication


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Manage your guests’ reception

With the Octorate Web Concierge, you coordinate communication with your guests using endless email templates or through Whatsapp business. Contact guests directly from their bookings and give them all the necessary information without using different company phones. 


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Receive safe and secure payments

Our solution combines the benefits of a virtual POS with an integrated system to simplify sending invoices to customers. It automatically collects payments and deposits with the security of the PCI-DSS level 1 standard. Among our partners are the most secure payment gateways providers, such as Nexi, Stripe, Paypal and SysPay.

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Web site builder for vacation rentals

Sell your properties and save money on third-party commissions with Octosite, the website builder for vacation rentals. All you have to do is enter all the photos and information about your properties, and the website will be ready in a few minutes. Octosite is a custom, SEO-friendly, responsive and multilingual website. Increase your direct bookings!


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Win with the most competitive rates on the market

Analyse your competitors’ pricing strategy and set the best pricing strategy for your properties with the Rate Checker. Easily monitor the most relevant performance indicators for your properties. Start making better business decisions and maximise your revenue.

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Set up your subscription

All the tools you need to increase bookings, revenues, and control.

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