Owner Portal

Optimize the management of your properties and commissions efficiently
Owner Portal
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Owner Portal for Property Managers and Vacation Rentals: Simplified Commission and Property Management

Owner Portal by Octorate Vacation Rental is the ideal solution for owners, agencies, and property managers. Optimize the management of your properties and commissions, ensuring control and flexibility. With Owner Portal, you have the ability to customize commission rules, monitor bookings, and manage payments efficiently and securely.

This tool offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making the management of your properties simpler and less time-consuming. The cloud-based platform of Owner Portal allows easy integration with your existing systems, improving the daily management of your accommodations.



Access and manage all your properties from a single agency account


Configure custom commission rules for each owner


Organize and track payments and commissions with ease


  • Agency and Owner Section: Manage all your properties and their corresponding commissions in one place

  • Invoice Header and Commission Rules: Enter billing details and configure commissions
  • Owner Management: Easily complete owner information
  • Bookings and Statistics: Monitor bookings and view detailed statistics e visualizza statistiche dettagliate
  • Payment Statements and Invoices: Quickly issue payment statements and invoices, including generating the XML file for electronic invoicing

Owner Portal

Have you ever wanted total and centralized control over managing your properties? With Owner Portal, property and commission management reaches a new level of efficiency and flexibility.

Why dream when all this is possible with Octorate Vacation Rental?

Imagine having a complete overview of all the structures you manage, creating profiles for all the owners you collaborate with, and assigning each their commission rule.

You will have the ability to access this information and modify it comfortably from a single interface.

Owner Portal offers you this opportunity, becoming an indispensable ally in managing your business!

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Centralized Viewing

Manage all your properties from a single portal, improving the visibility and efficiency of your agency


Intuitive Management

With a few clicks, access all the necessary information about each property, optimizing management and planning

Trust Accounting

Trust Accounting in our Owner Portal is an essential feature that ensures transparency and reliability in the financial management of hospitality properties. This characteristic is fundamental to clearly show where the funds are, thus assuring property owners and their clients trust and security.


Key Points of Trust Accounting in Owner Portal



Complete visibility on where and how funds are managed, such as the collection of payments, commission management, and expense tracking, providing a clear overview of the financial situation



Ensure that all funds are managed securely and in compliance with current regulations, thereby strengthening trust between property owners and their clients



Provide financial reports and analyses, enabling owners to better understand the economic performance of their properties and to make informed decisions