Rethink your communication with guests.

With Octorate’s new Integrated Chat, communicate with your guests from a single platform, integrated with WhatsApp Business, Booking.com, Airbnb, and VRBO.

Octorate Dashboard


A powerful and versatile communication tool

With a simple click inside your Octorate account, you’ll dive into a unified communication environment that allows you to view, manage, and respond to all your bookings from Booking.com, Airbnb, and VRBO, even through your WhatsApp number. Our Unified Inbox puts your user experience at the heart of its design: thanks to a simplified interface, every important message will catch your attention, eliminating the stress of constantly checking multiple accounts and platforms.


We’re setting the standards for future communication

With Octorate’s Unified Inbox, every guest request becomes an opportunity to shine. The ability to respond promptly, thanks to direct integration with WhatsApp, Booking.com, Airbnb, and VRBO, not only improves the guest experience but also opens the door to new positive reviews.


Every guest wants to feel unique and valued. With our integrated solution, you instantly recognize from which platform each booking comes and can tailor your communication accordingly. This customized approach not only leaves a positive and lasting impression on guests but enhances the conceived stay experience, distinguishing you in the market.


You can’t ignore your online reputation if you want to ensure success for your accommodations. Octorate’s Unified Inbox is your ally in this challenge: thanks to effective and timely communication across all channels, including direct integration with WhatsApp, you have the opportunity to significantly improve your online reviews. Impeccable communication management translates directly into strengthening your online presence, attracting new guests, and consolidating the trust of existing ones.


Being present where your guests prefer to communicate is crucial. The integration of WhatsApp Business into our Unified Inbox allows you to interact with guests through their preferred channel, offering convenience, speed, and an unprecedented level of personalization.


Our Unified Inbox is designed to ensure that every important communication is promptly highlighted. This way, you don’t have to move between different accounts and platforms to respond to your guests. Most importantly, with Octorate, every message finds its place, giving you peace of mind that you’ll never miss a request.


Our Unified Inbox uses Web Concierge and mail templates to automate communication, from booking confirmations to reminders for payments and reviews. This solution reduces manual workload and improves efficiency, ensuring that every guest receives all the necessary information promptly.


Overcoming language barriers has never been easier. With our innovative automatic translation feature, every message can be instantly translated and sent in the user’s native language. Our Unified Inbox automatically detects the guest’s message language and allows you to respond automatically in the same language! This ensures that communication is always clear and understandable, regardless of the guests’ geographical origins, significantly improving the user experience and facilitating a deeper connection between you and your guests.


Organization and collaboration at your fingertips. Our Unified Inbox allows you to insert internal notes directly into conversations. This feature is ideal for summarizing special requests, leaving reminders, or communicating with other team members about specific details of a booking. Keep your team synchronized and ensure that every guest receives impeccable and personalized service.


Never forget again. Thanks to automatic reminders, Octorate’s Unified Inbox helps you keep track of all important deadlines, including the times for guest reviews on platforms like Airbnb. These reminders are essential for maintaining your online reputation, allowing you to manage feedback proactively and promptly.


Rich and professional communications. With the ability to attach files directly in messages and use pre-configured email templates, your communication becomes not only more efficient but also more professional. Whether it’s sending important documents or maintaining a high standard in your daily communications, Octorate provides you with all the tools you need.


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