Guest experience hotel: 5 ideas to enhance the Guest Experience of your accommodation facility in 2023

23 June 2023

Giulia Ciullini

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Guaranteeing a memorable guest experience hotel can really make a difference when it comes to revenues and customer retention. In this article, we’ll present 5 ideas to enhance hotel guest experience, such as examples of contactless guest experience that concern each phase of the customer journey.

What is Guest Experience in a hotel?

Guest experience hotel defines guests experience in hospitality.

Although it represents a very important parameter, the guest experience hotel is not measurable as it draws on guests’ emotions and needs and it depends on how efficiently expectations are met.

Developing a strategy that guarantees a positive guest experience means considering that guests’ evaluation starts already from the reservation, ends after the check-out and is determined by each aspect of the stay.

What are the 3 aspects of guest experience in hotels?

Even if measuring the guest experience hotel through a value might be difficult, it is possible to evaluate if you’re managing it efficiently by considering the performance of customer experience thanks to some indicators:

  • Brand reputation: reaching high rates of customer satisfaction has an impact on the way in which your facility is considered. In fact, guaranteeing a positive guest experience will directly influence reviews, which is among the most important parameters that guests consider when looking for a hotel.
  • Online and offline visibility: On the OTA search results pages (i.e. Airbnb or Booking), facilities with best performances and reviews have higher visibility in the ranking (learn more about how to improve Airbnb rankings thanks to reviews or how does the Booking Ranking Algorithm works).
    But the visibility deriving from a good reputation is not only online. Even today, many users decide to finalize their reservation of a hotel or vacation home trusting the word of mouth.
  • Hotel revenue management: a satisfied customer will have more incentives to accept Upsell and Cross Sell proposals. The success of such activities, in addition to affecting the stay experience, will naturally have measurable effects on revenues.

How to improve guest experience in hotel?

As anticipated, to guarantee an optimum guest experience hotel it’s important not to leave out any aspect of the stay.

How to improve guest experience in hotel?

Here are 5 tips to help you improving it through contactless technology and digitalized guest experience tools.


A reservation procedure devoid of frictions lays the foundations for a successful guest experience hotel. In this scenario, having a Booking Engine is fundamental. Probably, you already know what a Booking Engine is. Nonetheless, many underestimate that online booking softwares should guarantee a reservation experience that is easy, fast and intuitive.

Furthermore, the best Booking Engine has to be responsive to guarantee that users can finalize their reservation from their smartphones, and fast loading to keep users from leaving the booking page before the check-out.

Octorate’s Booking Engine, which can be integrated with your website, is the indispensable solution if you don’t want to miss out on direct bookings and want to keep control over bookings, availability, guest information and payments.

Automatic check-in

The measurement of the guest experience hotel goes on to check-in. It has to take place as quickly as possible to prevent guests from being frustrated due to complicated check-in procedures, which adds up to travel tiredness.

Contactless guest experience hotel is key and taking into consideration guests’ necessities can really make the difference, for example as they might need to postpone or anticipate their arrival in the facility for logistical reasons.

In this case, using a software like Octorate’s Self Check-in is an optimal solution to make the arrival of guests in your facility easier. Exploring options like an automatic check-in apartment system can also offer a simplified and safe access solution for both guests and property managers.

In fact, it allows you to carry out check-in operations without needing the direct intervention of your front desk staff, especially if the facility is characterized by a great flow of incoming and outgoing guests or if you’re busy with hotel rooming lists registration. In this way, the self-check-in of your guests will definitely be smoother.

If you fear that the “absence” of staff in such an important moment could be perceived by guests as lack of communication , there are other strategies to help you keep a human contact, like using welcome letter for hotel guest.

Extra services and tourist content

Enriching and simplifying guests’ travel and stay improves their experience and satisfaction.

Putting all comforts and experiences offered by your hotel at the fingertips of guests, through a digital hotel concierge designed to better convey the services of your accommodation facility, can increase profit generated by the sale of ancillary services and guest bookings already before of their arrival.

Furthermore, providing information and content on what the destination can offer in terms of itineraries, attractions and events, simplifies the organization of the trip, making it easier for guests to choose things to do and see, giving them more time to dedicate to things in which they have an interest and preference.


Regarding contactles technology, the management of digital payments is another important aspect that can guide the evaluation of the guest experience hospitality.

For this reason, guaranteeing guests that payments are made through a certified and fast digital payment system is a non-negligible added value. In each phase of the payment for their stay, from the deposit to the final installment, guests will appreciate being able to safely pay online, away from the risk of fraud.

In this case, Octorate’s Payment Manager is the digital payment platform integrated with the best Payment Gateway, that will allow you not only to reduce management time but also to retain your customers further through its simple and certified system. Saving time will enable you to channel your energy on other important activities, such as dedicating attention and communication to guests, affecting their retention.

contactless guest experience


The guest experience hotel depends a lot on this essential aspect of hotels and accommodation facilities’ management. Once guests receive their keyes, they’ll control that the room or apartment’s standards of cleanliness are fully met, so they can make themselves comfortable and start their stay.

If you want to make sure that the cleanliness of your facility is carried out correctly, you can take a look at the hotel housekeeping checklist and download it to have it at hand.

Interior design

The eye needs its share, and when a potential customer is undecided between two facilities, if one can count on rooms with attractive designs, the user will have an extra incentive to book, imagining how pleasant the stay will be in such a refined environment. In this sense, Boutique Hotels are an example, as these small luxury hotels are characterized precisely by their unique and personalized furnishings, while if you have a guesthouse, you will be able to find precious advice on how to furnish a vacation rental home.

As we have seen, the guest experience hotel involves each of the management steps of your hotel or accommodation facility. In addition to all the advice and tools that our hotel management software puts at your disposal to better manage each operational step, we must not forget that communicating effectively with guests and maintaining a perspective oriented towards their needs is the key to offering each guest a personalized experience and collecting positive feedback over each time.

Frequently Asked Questions

✅ What is Guest Experience in a hotel?

It defines guests’ experience during their stay in your accommodation facility. It starts already from the reservation, ends after the check-out and it’s determined by each aspect of the stay.

💻 What is the importance of guest experience in hotels?

Although it represents a very important parameter, the guest experience hotel is not measurable as it draws on guests’ emotions and needs and it depends on how efficiently expectations are met.

💡 What are the three aspects of guest experience?

The three most important aspects of guest experience in hospitality, are:

  • Brand Reputation
  • Online and offline visibility
  • Hotel revenue management
🐙 Ideas to enhance hotel guest experience

Contactless technology can help to build a digitalized guest experience in hotel. Here’s five ideas to enhance hotel guest experience:

  1. Reservation
  2. Automatic Check-in
  3. Payments
  4. Cleanliness
  5. Interior design



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