Optimise Booking.com Ranking: How the Algorithm works

16 July 2023

Giulia Ciullini


Once having created your listings on Booking.com, you thought your facility would have become immediately visible to all travelers looking for the ideal place to stay. But you soon crashed into the great number of facilities present on Booking.com. For this reason, at Octorate we thought that a guide on how to climb the top of Booking ranking could be useful to help you gain the best possible positioning among search results and make Booking.com algorithm your greatest ally. Download our guide on how Booking.com algorithm works and the basis of booking ranking, to obtain maximum visibility on the search results page.

The basis of Booking ranking

Ranking is the way in which facilities present on Booking.com are displayed to users in the search results page. It’s of paramount importance since the higher is your ranking, the more are your chances to get reservations.

The functioning of Booking.com Algorithm

The algorithm of Booking.com is the engine of booking ranking. It is based on a sophisticated model that has evolved over the years to show users search results increasingly coherent with their accommodation necessities by considering data taken from users’ previous searches, performances registered by the facility and market dynamics in that precise moment.

How to improve Booking ranking

Booking ranking basis are three:

  • Public: users’ past searches are of paramount importance and each phase of users’ purchase can suggest you precious information to identify earning opportunities.
  • Branding: a good branding has to do with the managing of the communication with guests.
  • Performance: the secret to a good performance is the conversion rate, which is strictly related to your visibility. By downloading our guide, you’ll read in detail about secrets to increase your visibility and collect reservations, as well as other features made available by the OTA of Amsterdam.

Octorate: Premier Partner 2022 of Booking.com

Through Octorate Channel Manager, you’ll be able to manage all aspects of your listings on Booking.com. This includes upgrading rates and availability and setting images and descriptions for all your listings from a single interface, optimizing your time management.

In this article we summarized the main points to improve your positioning and understand how the algorithm of Booking.com works. To know more in detail all aspects related to Booking.com ranking and how to optimize it, download our updated guide.


Giulia Ciullini

Giulia Ciullini

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