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Study your competitors’ prices and refine your sales strategy
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Anticipate your competitors with the best pricing strategy for your rooms

Octorate Hotel Division‘s Rate Checker is the tool that allows you to monitor your competitors’ pricing strategy, keeping your prices updated and competitive constantly. Select the hotels or accommodations you want to know the rates of and let the Rate Checker automatically collect the prices, suggesting the best rate for you.Β 


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Make your rates more competitive in the Property Manager market

Find the best rates for your property portfolio by monitoring competitor prices and adjusting your strategy. Octorate Vacation Rental‘s Rate Checker is a flexible tool that helps you define the best pricing strategy for your vacation rentals and properties. It collects data automatically and displays the prices of other properties directly on the calendar to keep you up to date with market trends.

How it works

Rate Checker Analysis


Choose competitors and wait for the Rate Checker to collect prices automatically

Rate Checker Analysis


Monitor changes and study the sales strategy of your competitors

Rate Checker optimisation


You can change your rates according to the analyses performed.

πŸ€Έβ€β™€οΈ Flexible

Change the list of establishments you want to check at any time.

πŸ“… Always updated

See your competitors’ rates directly on your calendar.

Take control of your sales strategy


Channel Manager Octorate

Integrated Channel Manager

You can seamlessly integrate your pricing policy with over 130 online travel agencies with just one click.

Revenue Management System

Dynamic Pricing

Combine the flexibility of the Rate Checker with the accuracy of RMS and enable modifications.

Vacation rentals management statistics

Customised reports

Choose filters to apply to your reports and segment your data to make data-driven decisions.