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Receive credit card payments in line with PCI-DSS Security Standards

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Integrated payment system for hotels

Enable secure digital or credit card payments with Octorate Hotel Division‘s integrated payment system. Simplify the handling of payment transactions. Real-time bank verification allows you to avoid fraud and no-shows while you reduce time management and see your profits grow. Thanks to integrating with our Booking Engine module, you record a higher conversion rate while reducing commission fees!

In addition, Octorate Hotel Division‘s Payment Manager is fully compatible with leading national and international payment gateways, such as Nexi, Stripe, Paypal and SysPay.


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Enable secure payments for your properties

Octorate Vacation Rental‘s Payment Manager combines the features of a virtual POS with the advantages of a digital payment platform.

Automate payment transactions and send invoices to your guests. Collect payments and deposits securely, thanks to the PCI-DSS level 1 standard. Avoid no-shows and fraud through real-time bank card verification.

All Payment Manager functionality is seamlessly integrated within Octorate Vacation Rental‘s All-in-One platform with the Booking Engine and the Vacation Rental PMS. Octorate’s integrated payment system allows you to receive payments for direct bookings on your website, saving up to 40% on commission fees.


  • Credit Card verification
  • Pre-authorization
  • Virtual POS
  • Real time currency converter
  • Digital receipts
  • Search and display online operations
  • Bank reconciliation


  • Avoid personal data violation
  • Protect your Brand reputation
  • Certify transactions with PCI-DSS Level 1 security standards




  • Online payments in one click
  • Save time and expenses
  • Create customer loyalty

Customise cancellation policies

Show your guests all the details about the rates they will book, including cancellation policies. You can customise the cancellation policies according to the amount requested and the time limit beyond which to activate them. In case of cancellation, the Payment Gateway will automatically charge the established amount on the credit card provided by the customer.



Choose the commission model that is most suitable for you

Thanks to the integration between Octorate and the best payment gateways on the national and international market, you can choose the provider you prefer according to the type of commission that best suits your needs! Manage your payments securely using one of the Payments Gateway Partners.


Stripe POS

Unify online and offline payment flows with Stripe’s POS

With the integration between Stripe’s physical POS and Octorate, you can charge all the additional costs that occur during the stay in the property on the same card used for the reservation.

Order Stripe’s POS now. Enhance the perceived quality of the stay experience and offer an omnichannel and instant solution to optimize your payments.

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Keep payments under control with the Payment Manager

Decide which payment method to activate on your site: cash, bank transfer, PayPal or credit card. You can decide whether to manage your guests’ credit cards through a connection to a payment gateway partner, which will allow you to use a virtual POS or set up automatic collections, or whether to charge them manually from your physical POS, displaying the credit card information from Octorate, securely.

If you connect one of the payment gateways integrated with Octorate, you can set up automatic payment rules with specific time limits and set amounts. This way, you will process payments securely and automatically, avoiding all those tedious and time-consuming procedures concerning credit card visualisation and manual payments.